Mustafa BAYIK,Ph.D

The artist who born on 21 January 1974 in Bornova also completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Bornova. He started playing music at an early age. In 1988, he participated in an international music competition in Poland. At the high school, he turned to Opera with the guidance and support of his music teacher. In 1991, he was accepted to Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory, Department of Folk Music Fundamental Sciences. While he was studying at Ege University, he started taking private lessons from Sabahat Tekebaş. In 1992, he deserved to enter Hacettepe University State Conservatory and Dokuz Eylül University Conservatory Department of Music, he chose Dokuz Eylül University State Conservatory for his residency in Izmir. For four years he worked in singing with Prof. Konstantin Pavlovich Lisovsky. In the first year, he studied mimic with Altuğ Dilmaç from the Izmir Opera, acting and diction with Haşim Hekimoğlu in the second year and musical stage with Necdet Aydın in the third and fourth year. In June 1996, he graduated as the first in class and department and T.E.V. awarded him for his success with a ceremony at Istanbul Divan Hotel. In November 1996, he passed the entrance exam of Çukurova University State Conservatory. In January 1997, he started to work at Çukurova University State Conservatory as an instructor and in January 1997 he passed the MA exam of the State Conservatory on singing. During his MA education, he took courses from Prof. Yalçın Yüregir on harmony, lied literature, contemporary Turkish music and harmonic analysis. He studied singing with Prof.Yalçın Davran. During his graduate education, he gave lectures on many singing concerts, opera art and vocal education. While he was working as an instructor in Çukurova University, he gave vocal lessons for three years at the Music Education Department at the request of the Dean of Niğde University Faculty of Education. In the summer of 1999, he worked in the United States for three months with the aim of developing his profession. During this time he also had the opportunity to study with world-famous teachers. He attended a certificate program on vocal education at the New York Opera Works and successfully completed the program. He studied with David Laighton, who is an orchestra conductor and singing pedagogue in New York Opera Works. He attended the conferences about opera organized by the director of the Metropolitan Opera Claire Freimann. Mr. Bayık continued his singing studies with bass-baritone Marc Embree and his wife mezzo-soprano Jane Bunnell, who is a soloist of the Metropolitan Opera which considered one of the world's biggest operas and singing professor of New York University. He returned to Turkey in November 1999 and completed his MA in June 2001. In October 2001, he started PhD education in Belarusian State Music Academy where he had the opportunity to work with invaluable teachers. Associate Professor Elena Gorokhovik was his supervisor for the thesis. He studied singing with Prof.Dr.Mihail Zdanovich. He gave concerts in the capital city Minsk and many other cities. His 6 essays were published by refereed journals in Turkey and Belarus. He completed his PhD in April 2005 and returned to Çukurova University State Conservatory. He continued to work as a research assistant until September 2005 at the same institution. He was appointed as a lecturer in September 2005 and in November 2005, he performed in "Atatürk Aramızda" in Atatürk's death anniversary. Between December 2005 and August 2007, he was the Head of Opera Singing Department in Performing Arts Department of Çukurova University State Conservatory. In April 2006, he was appointed as Assistant Professor and then as the Head of Stage Arts Department on 18 March 2009. On 29 July 2009, he was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Çukurova University State Conservatory. Between 12 December 2011 - 12 December 2014 he worked as the director of the State Conservatory at Çukurova University. In 2012, his student has a leading role as Violetta in “La Traviata” and the artist assisted as a singing master in Klaipeda city of Lithuania. In 2014, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian State Music Academy, International Ethno Culture Festival gave a concert in the capital of Belarus. He has participated in many events, organizations and concerts both in Turkey and abroad. He worked as a soloist in national and international congresses and opening events. He has given singing lessons at undergraduate and graduate level in conservatuary. He left Çukurova University State Conservatory on 18 April 2016 and was appointed as the Director of Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center on 28 April 2016. 

He is married. He has a daughter and a son. Since 2007, he has been working as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Adana. He speaks Russian fluently, English and Italian intermediately.